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All  Services Are Now Online.
Join us this Sunday at 9am,  11am, 1pm and every 2 hours thereafter.

You’re Invited to The Journey Church Online This Sunday! 

Would you like to have more LOVE, JOY, PEACE & PATIENCE in your life?  Heck yeah you would!  Did you know the Holy Spirit is working like crazy to develop those in you right now?  Join us this Sunday as we continue our teaching series Father, Son & Holy Spirit and discover how you can experience these "fruits" in your life!

Services begin Sunday at 9am, 11am, 1pm, and every two hours thereafter, plus Saturday service options starting at 5pm or 7pm.

Online Giving
Even though we are not able to meet in person on Sundays, the ministry of our church continues through the Coronavirus crisis.  Give a one-time or recurring gift today online or via Text Giving.
Growth Groups @ The Journey
You are invited to join a Summer Growth Group @ The Journey! Signups begin Sunday!
A Free Book For You
We’d like to give you a free copy of Daily Inspirations for The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren! If you live in the New York City area we’ll send you a free copy, no strings attached.

Need Prayer?

We are Here for You!

Share your confidential prayer request andour pastors will pray specifically for you and your request this week. 

Watch or Listen to a Previous Message

The Bible is central to the life of faith, and the key to knowing God and His purpose for your life.  At The Journey we teach the timeless truth of God's Word in a way that is engaging, relevant, and practical to your life.  Check out a message from our current series to experience The Journey for yourself! 
Picnic in the Park
Sunday, June 20th

This will be a great opportunity to get out of your apartment and connect with your Journey family!  You can bring a blanket and your favorite snacks and spend the afternoon with some great people.
Serve the Homeless
Saturday, May 22nd

Join us in serving the homeless in our community by volunteering with Free Lunch in the Park.  
Online Professionals Breakfast
Thursday, June 10th

You are invited to join us for an Online Professionals Breakfast led by Pastor Kerrick and Pastor Clay Smith of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church!

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