Conformed to His Image

Biblical, Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation

Highest Level of Difficulty

Tuesday @ 7:00pm
Leaders: Kerrick & Lorie
Where: Online via ZOOM
Type: Leaders

Group Overview:

This group is led by Pastor Kerrick and is for those who are serious about going deeper in their relationships with God and desire to grow as spiritual leaders.  We will read the book Conformed to His Image and explore a wider array of options for your spiritual growth that connect with the unique way God has made you. Our hope is that this group will get you out of a spiritual rut, open your eyes to spiritual practices that you weren't aware of and develop in you a greater passion for Jesus and His purposes for your life.  This is a group for leaders that will meet on Zoom on Tuesday's at 7pm and is led by Pastor Kerrick & Lorie.

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