Showing God’s Love in a Practical Way

Help us show God’s love to thousands of New Yorkers in a fun and meaningful way. We’ll be handing out Granola Bars and invite cards. Our goal is to show God’s love to New Yorkers in 2023 through acts of kindness and service.
At The Journey, our mission statement says that we exist to lead the people of NYC to become fully developing followers of Jesus…and we believe that Servant Evangelism can be the first step in that process.

Servant Evangelism projects are simple, straightforward ways to share God’s love with the people of New York in an easy, practical way. SE often reveals open doors to share more about Jesus and even allows shy people to launch into effective evangelism in a non-threatening way. It’s a low-risk, high-grace opportunity to bless deserving and undeserving people – just like God blesses us.

So whether it’s handing out a free granola bar, a bottle of water on a hot day, or candy canes at Christmas time along with an invite to church, this is a great way to invite people to church in a fun way!


• Meet friends and get connected with others in the church
• Meet the needs of other New Yorkers in a practical way
• Serve our community and promote our church
• Impact lives through inviting people to the Journey